Review: Zagg iPhone Full Body invisibleSHIELD 1 month Review

So i have been using the Zagg iPhone 3G Full Body invisibleSHIELD for 1 month and this is my review of it.

There is this part near the Camera its not sticking properly on the back and dust is collecting under it.

Ok. Now on the back corner the shield is pealing off and yes dust is collecting under it.

Another area of peeling is the front corner.

This is a scuff mark left by a key and the phone in the same pocket.
invisibleSHIELD + key = NO!

Basically the invisibleSHIELD on the iPhone still looks great. The phone is protected by the invisibleSHIELD, if not for this i am sure to see more scraches on the phone. Installation of the invisibleSHIELD is the most important part, if you do it properly the shield will look great even after time.

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