Guides: Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 2.2

Notice : This will also work for the 1st Gen iPod Touch

In this guide i will teach you how to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPod using QuickPwn 2.2. The method is exackly similar to the jailbreak for the 2.1 Firmware.(WinPwn 3.0 is still unavabile)

Step 0:
Make sure you are already running the 2.2 Firmware on your device. If not please update to Firmware 2.2 using iTunes before continuing.

Step 1:
Download QuickPwn 2.2 Here
Download the iPhone/iPod 2.2 Firmware.
Extract all files to your Desktop.

Step 2:

- Open the QuickPwn Application.

- This is what you will see.Follow the instructions and plug in your device.
Click next ->

Step 3:

QuickPwn will detect your device.Browse to the 2.2 Firmware for your device.
QuickPwn will check if it is correct.If it is correct a tick will be displayed.
Click next ->

Step 4:

-Select all the features you want to perform. Add Cydia will install Cydia on your device. Add Installer will install Installer on your device. Replace boot logos will replace the Apple boot logo with the QuickPwn logo. Unlock phone will unlock your iPhone but i will not teach you this.(This feature will NOT appear for iPod touch)
Click Next ->

Step 5:

- This will be the next screen displayed. Now get your device (hold it in your hand) Make sure you follow the instructions on the screen properly.
1) Hold down 'Home' button for 5 seconds (Do NOT release 'HOME' button)
2) Hold down 'Power' and 'Home' for 30 seconds
3) When the line " Wait while your iPhone iPhone is prepared for jailbreaking" you can relese the 'Power' button
(Do NOT release 'HOME' button)

4) Only when you see this screen you can release the 'Home' button.

-While jailbreaking, your iPhone will show downloading jailbreak data, etc. And, just don’t touch your iPhone and keep waiting.

Step 6:

Congratulation! You now complete the jailbreak process with iPhone 3G firmware 2.2. Lastly, sync back your backup data with iTunes.

As always, leave me message and share your jailbreak experience.

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