Noreve Tradition Leather Case for iPhone 3G

Today we have the review of the Noreve Tradition Leather Case for iPhone 3G. Noreve is known for its use of higher-quality materials and great finishing.

The Noreve Tradition Leather Case comes in a small gift box which you can wrap up and give it to your loved one.

The leather case is a flip-style case, you can slot your phone into the holder much like the VAJA case. The inside of the case is wrapped in a soft leather which will prevent any scratches on the iPhone. The holder for the phone is very tight sliding in the phone may be quite difficult at first but it will get easier as the case fits in.

The Tradition cases comes with a detachable rear belt clip, a metal nub, and a screwdriver for installation.

Installation of the belt clip is very easy Noveve has released this video to demonstrate it.

All the ports are left exposed for easy access. There is also a cut out for the camera lens which is just as big as the lens which makes the design of the case look nice.

The Noreve Tradition Leather Case retails at 42.99€ you can get it at Noreve's website here.

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