Unbeatable protection from Proporta for the HTC Hero

Unbeatable protection from Proporta for the HTC Hero

The HTC Hero is the new and pretty young contender in the world of Smartphones, and is generating a bit of a buzz with its “future retro” style. And to keep this stylish little device safe and sound, Proporta has come up with a range of specially designed cases tailor-made for its protection.

Firstly, there’s the brand new Mizu Shell (HTC Hero). This super tough case fits the Hero like a glove, and offers robust protection against scratching, impact damage and knocks. Available in charcoal, red and clear, it’s as stylish as it is strong, and gives you the chance to look after your Hero whilst complimenting, rather than hiding, its beautiful looks. The Mizu Shell is a brand new design for Proporta, and could possibly be rolled out for other devices they cover in the future, so feel free to give your opinion and watch this space.

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s Proporta’s trademark Aluminium Lined Leather Case, handcrafted from the finest quality leather incorporating a “Screen Saver System” that features a sheet of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminium to guard against impact damage and crushing. Along with the classic Advanced Screen Protector, featuring ultra high clarity plastic and an easy application card, these make a tried and tested team that will keep your Hero as safe as houses. So rest assured that, whatever you need, Proporta has it covered.

P.S. Order from Proporta during November and receive a Multimedia Memory Card (128MB) for free. Just add it to your basket and use the promocode MEMORY.

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