Krusell Orion for iPhone 3G

This is a book style case with a wallet compartment in the case. The iPhone fits in a slider in the centre of the book case. The cover closes together with a magnetic strap which is good in my opinion at first i was afraid the strong magnet in the case will affect the working of the iPhone but all is well nothing is affected by the magnet.

The case is made from a really nice high quality fine grain leather on the inside the is laid with a very soft felt which will prevent the case from any scratches. Every thing is stitched together with a nice matching tread, all the materials match up nicely and the stitches are all well done, nothing will come apart.

Another cool function of this case is it includes a move stand, the stand just fold out from under the case, a very creative addition.

The bulk soft leather around case does provide some drop protection for the iphone.

This is great bushiness style case, the high quality leather give the it the high class professional style.So if you are lookig for a very classy, book style case, this should be at the top of your list.

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